Techniques for Overcoming Golf Swing Inertia in a Perfect Way

The key to increase extra yards during a golf swing is to reduce inertia. Here is some information about overcoming inertia in golf. Have a look…

To improve his golf swing, a player needs to follow a correct training regime as well as understand the concept of inertia. As per the definition in physics, the moment of inertia (MOI) is the tendency of an object to remain in its original state (either at rest or in motion), until and unless an external force is applied on the object.

The principle of MOI can be applied to the golf swing as well. During the backswing, the speed is zero (at the top), and in the downswing, a force is applied on the club to set it in motion. Reducing the MOI during downswing is the key to achieve greater swing speed.

In the beginning, the golfer readies to take the shot by swinging the golf club behind his body. This force is known as the backswing. At the highest point of the swing arc, for a split-second, the club becomes stationary. Eventually, the golfer uses some force to his swing, which sets the club into motion. The club will continue to be in a swinging motion, unless another force is applied to stop it.

This can be achieved if a force is applied in the opposite direction, that will stop the golf club after it has hit the ball. The faster the swing speed, the longer is the distance traveled by the ball. In simpler terms, the quicker a player can accelerate from the backswing to the downswing, the more will be the swing speed.

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