Forgotten Ancient Technology: The Evidence In Egypt

Our amazingly successful tour of Egypt with the Khemit School, based near the Giza Plateau in Cairo was the second annual April event which will be repeated in 2015 and every year after that.

Yousef Awyan inspecting an obvious ancient saw cut in basalt at Abu Sir

Here are some photos of the evidence that not only did precision stone cutting and engineering happen in ancient Egypt, but likely prior to the existence of the Dynastic Egyptians, by a culture called KMT. The Dynastic people also of course did amazing work, but supposedly not in hard stone like granite and basalt.

Irene Mendoza in one of the stone vessels of Abu Ghurab

In the photo below, master stone carver, guide, hieroglyphic expert and son of legendary Abd’El Hakim Awyan, Yousef Awyan decodes “towards Peru, across 4 waters” on a wall at Saqqara in Egypt. 



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