5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries You’ve Likely Never Heard About

These eerie enigmas continue to mystify.

So, you’re well aware of history’s biggest enigmas. You know all about Amelia Earhart. You have your own theories about D.B. Cooper. You figured out what happened to all those missing socks. But do you know about these lesser-known yet equally creepy unsolved mysteries?

1. The Ghost Blimp

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Pilots Ernest Cody and Charles Adams

In the summer doldrums of 1942, the people of a small town outside of San Francisco saw something strange in the skies. A sagging, broken-looking blimp was falling out of the sky. On its way down, the blimp stopped on a rooftop then ran into a group of powerlines. The blimp’s weight was enough to take down the powerlines, causing a huge amount of damage to the surrounding area. Nearby citizens rushed to assist the crew of the blimp—only to discover there was none.

Everything within the blimp’s cab looked normal, with radio and engine functioning perfectly. Perhaps even more oddly, none of the parachutes or lifeboats were missing. So where did the crew go? When the blimp had left a Naval station that morning, it had been crewed by two men, Lieutenant Ernest Cody and Ensign Charles Adams. The men were never seen again, although the blimp was repaired and used for another 40 years.

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